2010 Harvesting

The climatic trend of 2010 brought us back in time owing to a long and harsh winter, though not as snowy as the previous one, followed by a rainy and cool spring . The budding was therefore regular, but certainly not an early one.

Summer, then, was not particularly hot and sunny; instead, it was rather peculiar with its below average temperatures and frequent rains. The vegetative growth, not marred by excessive water ,was good from the physiologic point of view, but difficult to handle under the sanitary one.

The rather late harvesting then took place under difficult conditions which, together with the late summer ones, posed some health problems forcing us to carry out a heavy selection at the vineyard.
The outcome was therefore a reduced production, which thanks to warm October days followed by cool nights, was able to undergo a slow, but very good ripening process.

The wines

As we have already said, it was a traditional harvesting which rewarded those who were able to work properly at the vineyard by giving the grapes the opportunity to take advantage of the late favourable climatic conditions.

The white wines are fruity and complex with an excellent acidity which makes them vibrant and fresh. The young red ones, they, too, rich and complete, are certainly of a superior level with their great fruit character which will cause them to be highly appreciated.

The result of Barbera is very good; however it’s the Nebbiolo based wines that are the real champions of the 2010 vintage. Their colour is intense and rich while their fruit is highlighted by a remarkable richness and complexity. Their full and elegant body will certainly make these wines exceptional for their texture and length.