Harvesting 2009

A winter to be remembered for its exceptional ,historical snowfalls and a rainy spring until the end of April ensured an excellent water supply ideal for a regular sprouting of the vines.

The summer climatic trend then evolved into a rather dry period with high temperatures, but without any real water shortage thanks to stored up resources.

The grape harvesting was, therefore, regular favoured by steady weather conditions.All types of grapes kept on being gathered with an excellent yield until the first decade of October.

The wines

It was a harvesting characterized by excellent vegetative conditions, although all wines have resulted into having limited and atypical acidity contents.

The white wines are rich and complex with a full, generous fruit, while the young red ones are remarkably drinkable and palatable, which will certainly make them highly appreciated.

Excellent results have been obtained with the Barbera grape which seems to prefer such climatic years ideal for its fruit and structure in the presence of a limited acidity. Balance and complexity were therefore enhanced.

Nebbiolo based wines are able to express mature and elegant tannins, with a well-balanced body characterized by ripe fruit and sweet spicy scents. These wines, which will evolve throughout a mid-range period, will be marked by a remarkable palatability even in their youth.