2007 Harvesting

This will be remembered as one of the earliest harvest in history. However, in spite of this anomalous characteristic, it will also be remembered as an incredible harvest for the quality of the grapes and the wines produced. Last winter was mild and dry; we could actually claim it was not a real one.

Then spring confirmed this trend: these climatic anomalies brought about a one-month early budding. The main feature of the whole year, though ,was the significant May rainfall. This is usually a period which represents the last chance of getting a good water supply before summer and these rains warded off the danger of a torrid summer like the 2003 one. Summer, then, went on with normal temperatures, sometimes even below average, with some rainfall, even heavy at times, which slowed down the vegetative development and shortened the early ripening time to two weeks.

As crucial as ever, late August and September were excellent from the point of view of perfect grape ripening as these were well ventilated months with cool nights as well as warm and sunny days. Grape harvesting could therefore be carried out regularly and with no haste.

The wines

This vintage will be remembered for the perfect ripening and health of all grapes able to give a remarkable yield. The white wines appear balanced, endowed with remarkable fruit and moderate acidity, while the young red ones are great for their harmony and complexity.

These wines, to be appreciated for an early drinking, will be able to thrill for their fragrance and pleasantness. Their alcoholic content is high, even though it does not reach the 2006 peaks. Barbera-based wines, however, deserve an extra comment: in fact, they are the real jewel of this great 2007 vintage. Being a vine which thrives at warmer temperatures, it has particularly profited from these climatic events and has given out memorable results in terms of greatness, complexity and harmony.

Nebbiolo-based wines are also excellent, though less favoured by the warm climate. The result is a wine rich in structure and scents, with such a thick and intense tannic presence that a very good evolution can be expected.