2020 Harvesting

The dry and sunny first part of the year guaranteed a homogeneous vegetative restart. The phenological development sped up during March and April thanks to nice weather and mild temperatures, but it slowed down during May and June due to several rainy days.

Anyway relevant atmospheric events didn’t take place and the rain, together with mild summer temperatures, avoided water stress issues.

In conclusion, the weather conditions have been ideal for a regular harvest and for a vintage that will be remembered as one of the best in recent years.

The wines

The first white grape varieties have been picked up one week earlier than the historical average. Sugar and acidity levels proved to be not too high but in extreme balance.

The technological maturation of Dolcetto took place with some days of delay but produced wines with very elegant aromas and remarkable balance.

As far as Barbera and Nebbiolo wines are concerned, the acidity levels ware sustained thanks also to the vegetative vigor given by the water supply.

Moreover, low night temperatures allowed a rapid accumulation of polyphenols, so they proved to be in excellent condition for the picking and produced fine, structured and extremely balanced wines.