2019 Harvesting

Despite a long and cold Wintertime and a consequent delayed Springtime, with rains and low temperatures until the middle of March, the vines’ growth has been delayed but progressive, thanks to the good water supply from the soil.

Due to the high temperatures of June, then, the vines’ growth sped up and this led to an intense work in the vineyards in order to avoid health problems to the plants.

The summer season proceeded with heat waves alternated with mild temperatures and rain events luckily not harmful for the vineyards.

The harvest started regularly in the first half of September, going on with the right picking up timing until the end of October. The little decrease in quantity, due to the sudden temperature changes taken place during the year, led to the production of grapes with excellent quality, typical of a traditional vintage.

The wines

White grapes have been picked up with a right level of sugar and an important acidity, that ensures freshness and persistent perfumes to the wines.

Heat waves together with regular average temperature periods allowed Dolcetto and Barbera varieties to have the optimal sugar and phenolic level, good acidity and a potential of alcohol slightly below average. The wines are balanced, very elegant and extremely pleasant.

Nebbiolo is the variety that has been most exalted especially in the best positions, with an optimal sugar content and an excellent polyphenol level, producing  fine and structured wines, that have an extremely long ageing potential.