2018 Harvesting

As far as timing,  2018 harvest can be defined a  “classic” vintage with an excellent quality even if during the first half of the year the highest amount of rain of the last 15 years has been registered.

During the Winter season, the rain has restored the vine’s water reserve and low-temperatures until March allowed a gradual vegetative start.

In Springtime, rise in temperatures and persistent rains forced a rapid action in the vineyards in order to avoid fungal disease attacks. After that period, in May and June, phenological phases like flowering and fruit-setting took place in optimal weather conditions with, as consequence, an high production yield

July and August were characterized by temperatures about average and steady weather conditions. Due to this, grapes matured gradually and completely by the beginning of September, as shown by the excellent sampling data before the harvest.

The harvest started on time at the begin of September. During this month, the temperature but also the humidity raised quickly, so the harvest schedule has been very intensive. Just from the beginning of October the temperatures came down to the average, recording also big differences between night and day.

Generally, optimal weather conditions allowed to harvest grapes in good healthy conditions and of excellent quality.

The wines

White wines are characterized by good acidity and important aromatic components and they are well structured and extremely elegant.

Young red wines as Dolcetto are fresh, well balanced in all their components and easy to drink thanks also to a lower alchool content than the past vintages while red wines from Barbera variety reveal good polyphenol content, great acid structure in evidence and as  result they appear complex and elegant in the same time.

Finally, Nebbiolo is the variety which could probably get full benefit from 2018 year, characterized by a traditional trend. Indeed, the Nebbiolo harvest took place at the right time, so the grapes completed the phenolic maturation optimally, putting in place the basis for wines which will be very well balanced, elegant and with very high aging potential.