2013 Harvesting

After a winter regular and characterized by a good supply of snow, the beginning of the vegetative cycle of the vines has been conditioned by the difficult start of the spring with average low temperatures in March and April.

In particular the period between April and throughout the month of May was characterized by abundant rainfall, creating many difficulties from the point of view of health of the vines. A beginning certainly not easy, where all the experience and attention have been necessary to protect the vineyards from diseases attacks.

In June and then in July the conditions have gradually improved with a more stable weather that has favored a regular blossoming , which occurred in the second decade of June, followed by a good fruit setting.

Despite the summer and also the weather conditions from the beginning of veraison to ripening have been favorable the vines have not been able to bridge the gap in the development of vegetation accumulated in previous months.

The harvest began with a delay of about a couple of weeks comparing the average of the last 10 years and it lasted until the end of October. It was characterized by a good health of the bunches that due to the favorable setting combined with high soil water availability were larger, heavier and more compact than the average of recent years.

The wines

Wines made from white grapes are counting on an optimal acidity and a good aromatic content to be able to develop a remarkable bouquet. The alcohol content is slightly lower than the last few years, but this is even considered a positive aspect.

In young red wines, optimal parameters are present in order to develop fresh, flavorful and easy to drink wines, while the wines made from Barbera grape in spite of a pronounced acidity, due to the particular climatic conditions, are complex and enjoyable and intended for a good evolution.

Finally Nebbiolo is the grape variety that has benefited more in the final part of the season with warm daytime temperatures and cool nights recorded in the months of September and October, ideal to better develop the phenolic framework that characterizes it. The wines are balanced, of great class but at the same time suitable for a long aging.