2006 Harvesting

It may sound strange and at least repetitive, but the 2006 harvest will certainly be remembered as a great one. This may or may not be due to the now well-known climatic changes, but what is certain is, that also this year has given us fantastic wines.

The past winter was long and very cold, with a heavy snowfall that had not been seen for years. It was then followed by a dithering rainy spring which in the end was therefore typical.

Early summer was rather dry and very hot, especially in July, followed by cooler August temperatures and refreshing rains which interrupted what could have become a severe water shortage.

In the vineyards these climatic conditions first brought about a vegetative delay and then they caused a sudden recovery with an acceleration of the grapes darkening process and of their ripening, which turned out into a harvest done in near-normal times.

September, a month which brings with itself all the expectations of a great harvest, was at first characterized by two very hot weeks which pushed ripening to an exceptional stage especially in forward vines. It went on with a quite normal course, only interrupted by insistent, but, luckily short, rains.

The harvesting was therefore carried out regularly, with a very good ripening level and remarkably healthy grapes.

The wines

2006 has given us remarkable wines and in some cases exceptional ones even though this may not have been the case in the whole region. In fact, the climatic conditions have been very irregular with occasional drought problems and at times late rains.

In particular, all the wines made from early ripening grapes, white and red ones, have got a very rich texture and alcohol contents and are marked by a great softness and roundness. These wines will certainly be remembered for their amazing complexity and uncommon body.

Also Barbera based wines are rich and concentrated, endowed with a soft and enveloping fruit, while Nebbiolo based wines will be classy ones marked by elegance and texture, able to turn into exciting ones with time.