2002 Harvesting

After 6 harvests characterized by a dry and warm climate, the year 2002 gave us a very different harvest, which had, as a first evident consequence, a decrease in the quantity of the wine produced.

Winter 2001/2002 was particularly dry. Rainfall was limited to the first 10 days of November, while the lowest temperatures remained around -10°.

This cold temperature luckily warded off peronospora (downy mildew) around 20th May.

In May and in June heavy rainfalls caused an accumulation of water in the soil, which speeded up the vine growth. Heavy rains (three times heavier than average) occurred again in July and August and low temperatures caused a rapid swelling of the grapes.

September and October, less disastrous then the previous months, and a delayed harvest produced grapes with average sugar contents and slightly higher acidity.

The wines

A difficult year for the terrible weather conditions, but a year reserving some good surprises.

The wines can be immediately drunk, and are therefore unsuited for long ageing, but they also have an elegance and a finesse which is uncommon in the wealthy previous years