1995 Harvesting

November 1994 Floods
The exceptionally heavy, intense rainfalls which swept over Piedmont in the 1994 Fall caused extensive and serious damage to the low-lying areas, while erosive phenomena triggered landslides in the vine-growing sloping areas.
The most serious landslides mainly hit the youngest vineyards causing serious damage and inflicting painful wounds to these hilly slopes.

The year was an unfavourable one from the thermic point of view: the vegetative development fostered by a mild April was later slowed down by a sudden drop in temperature at the end of the same month and by a summer with June as the only hot month.

September was marked by cloudy and rainy weather. Only at the end of the month did the fine weather come back again thus enabling the harvest operations to be successfully completed in October.

The wines

Negative phenomena like late frost, rains during the flowering period, extensive hails in August resulted into a marked decrease in the production of grapes. In spite of unfavourable climatic conditions, however, these factors enabled us to produce wines of excellent quality ,though not very concentrated ones which are suitable for a medium or long ageing process.