Vineyards and cellars since 1880

In a world where wines are generally produced using the same grapes, the same technology, the same additives, the same oak for aging and above all the same wine makers, our aim is to obtain a wine which is the expression of the vineyard it comes from, of the grapes it is made of, and above all of our own ideas.


The new version of our website is now on line.

The project, carried out by Blulab (Web Agency from Alba – Piedmont, with over 15 years’ experience), is one of the most dynamic and interactive communication tools of Cantine Ascheri, providing a stable and comprehensive information system designed for... Read more >

The additional geographical definitions of Barolo

With the 2010 vintage, the list of the Additional Geographical Definitions of the “Barolo” denomination is made official. This is an important step because, from this date on, the so-called “sub-regions” will be defined in their number and in... Read more >